Carved Black Tumbler with Gloss Rim
Chris Casey

Carved Black Tumbler with Gloss Rim

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This piece is a second because it has some surface defects on the outside. They're highlighted in the video below.

Height: 5.75in

Width: 3in

Food, microwave, and dishwasher safe.


This is a functional piece of art. The design is individual to this cup and isn't repeated in the same way on any other piece I've made. I start with a blank slipcast cup form from a mold I made. Then I paint on multiple coats of colored underglaze and carve the designs into its surface. It has a glossy glaze on the interior, but is left bare on the outside. I don't glaze the outside of my pots because the design stays nice and crisp without a clear coat. I also like that you can feel the texture of the carving.