Chris is an artist from Albuquerque, New Mexico. He Studied ceramics and sculpture at the university of New Mexico and received a BFA in 2013.

Artist Statement

My designs are compilations of rudimentary marks that build upon one another to create greater compositions. Improvisation and intuition are what I rely on when working on a piece. These marks are simple in and of themselves, but as they add up, complexity, movement, and even narrative can emerge. My art is fundamentally abstract and I have no interest in directly referencing things or places. I can, however, allude to them in the language of abstraction. Anish Kapoor incapsulates this well stating, "Its root to meaning is much more poetic." I’m inspired by the precision of technology. Machinery, for example, can be beautiful as a byproduct of its function. I've loved science fiction since I was a kid, so aspects of fantastical ships and tools tend to surface in my designs. I also have a great affinity for color. For me, colors are akin to the notes of a song and the lines I carve are the lyrics. Both play a role, but in different ways.